Sexy Mama Program 


Do you feel a shift in your sexual desires post baby and struggle with how to communicate about this with your partner?  

Do you experience mom guilt, have trouble feeling good about feeling good or feel like you have to give up vital parts of yourself in order to be a “good mom”?  

Do you struggle with your body image, low energy, fatigue or just general overwhelm?  

  You are in the right place!

If you are here:

🌹You know deep in your bones that your pleasure is important to your well being as a mom.  

🌹You are all done settling for feeling shut down and cut off from the very parts of yourself that provide the inspiration and vitality to keep going!  

🌹You are all done worrying about losing your partnership because you are struggling with your body image or because you do not have the skills to communicate about your needs and desires.  

It is no small matter to claim your erotic intelligence as something vital and important to your well being as a mom. In a culture where mothering is synonymous with martyrdom and sacrifice, our connection with our sexuality is often the first to go.  

You are not alone

As a single mother of two children, I know that it can feel almost impossible to find quality time to tend to yourself. When I became a mother I quickly realized that I was going to need to fight to keep certain parts of me alive even when that did not submit to our culture’s idea of what it is to be a “good mom”  

I believe that having access to the full expression of our sexuality means having access to our unadulterated, undiluted life force. And, to me, this is worth fighting for.  

Mothering is not a sprint. It is the whole damn marathon, and I have found that the only way to keep showing up with all of me again and again is to fiercely fill my own cup first and not to let it get empty.  

After such a HUGE life transition like becoming a parent, I was so changed emotionally, physically and spiritually and this undoubtedly altared my erotic landscape and I was left feeling at a loss about what I wanted, what I liked and what I had to give. Sometimes it felt like I had nothing at all to give and this was deeply troubling to me.) It took a big toll on my relationship with my partner and (most importantly) with myself.  

For many of us, our sexuality is one of the places in our lives that can be THE most nourishing and enlivening. It can be a place where we can play, take risks, adore and be adored. It is also one of the realms of our lives that we bring our most vulnerable, wounded and confused parts.  

I have lost and found myself a thousand times amidst the chaos and the sheer magnitude of mothering but I am learning now through trial and error that cutting off my own pleasure does not serve me, my children or the world.  

I worked for years as a birth and postpartum doula supporting new moms with the transition into motherhood. What I found again and again, was that at the very end of our appointment when I asked, “Is there anything else you want to talk about?” the stories of painful sex, worries about crumbling partnerships, body shame, shame for wanting sex, shame for not wanting sex, shame for thinking about sex at all, questions about how to communicate with partners would all come tumbling out in the last 5 minutes after some blushing and some silence and uncertantly about whether to even mention it.  


What I realized was that mamas are struggling with something that is not talked about NEARLY ENOUGH!  


This is why I began to include sexuality support into my doula services as well as dive into more trainings and learning about the topic so that I could support the families that I work with more fully.  

So that brings me here to you, dear mama.  

I want you to know that you have full permission to claim your sexuality as something that is ALLOWED to be important to you! Because when we feel good about our sexuality, we feel good about ourselves!  


I am committed to supporting mothers just like you who feel that mothering and sexuality do not need to be cut off from each other. Who feel that our culture’s current views on mothering and sexuality are limited, restricting and outdated and are willing to create a world where we can raise our children and be fully and radiantly ourselves in the process.  

I am ready to live in a world full of lit, sexy and vibrant mamas who are raising the next generation with fiercely embodied love.  

Are you? 

Sexy Mama Program 


What You Get

1 initial 90 minute intake session

Erotic wellness is not a one size fits all endeavor. Together we will look at your deepest goals, intentions and challenges. From here we will begin to create a map of erotic wellness that fits YOU so that you can begin to feel like the badass sexy, confident mama that you are.  




5 one hour online coaching sessions

Each week we will focus on a theme including trauma and condtioning, sexual health and wellness, boundaires, communication, desire ending with a tailored erotic life design session. 

Home Practices and weekly content  

In addition to our weekly coaching calls you will receive content and home practices via email to deepen what you are learning during our sessions. I will send you exercises, inquiries and meditations that will bring about the transformation that you are seeking more quickly and effectively.  




Access to Community Support and resources  

You will receive access to a private facebook group of other mamas who are working with me on a similar path to you. A place where we can all support each other to reclaim eros in the midst of motherhood, to ask questions and to be seen by like minded and hearted mamas.  

✨Imagine what you might feel like if shame and confusion about your sexuality were replaced with curiosity, confidence and play.  

  ✨Imagine what it would feel like as a mom if you were full, radiant and confident in your body, your desires and your pleasure.  

✨Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what kind of intimacy you wanted and how to communicate with your partner about it.  

If you have been longing for support around these issues but have not known where to turn, feel a big yes in your body and part of you lights up when you read this words then KEEP READING

"Working with Juliana has been helpful to me on many levels - she meets me where I’m at with caring and integrity, and thoughtfully has encouraged me to be clear about my boundaries and gently lean into my discomfort. She takes me seriously, and approaches me in a wholistic way, leaving me feeling more grounded and connected to myself. She has helped me clarify what I want (and don’t want!), and validated what I’m feeling as a new mom. Thank you!"


"As a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse and complex trauma, I approached my work with Juliana with caution and trepidation. In my first, and subsequent visits, I was always made to feel safe, especially when an old fear would get triggered by a sound, smell, touch or just plain old suspicion.  

Juliana has the rare skill to listen with her heart and to speak and guide from that spaciousness. Her compassion, understanding and gentleness were always present and palpable in our sessions. She championed me to find my voice, my comfort zones, to set boundaries and to know that I am not broken.  

Juliana is that rare breed of a gifted person with a passion to help others know and embody their wholeness and uniqueness."  



Are you ready to take the next step on your journey to erotic wellness, mama?

Let's hop on a call together to see if it is a good fit for you!

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The Sexy Mama Program is based on my Signature 4 Pillars of Erotic Wellness Model:


Deconstructing outdated cultural and familial stories or conditioning around mothering and sexuality. Here we will look at the messaging that you received that may inform your ideas about your sexuality and your mothering. Here we will rewrite your story and reclaim new archetypes that serve you moving forward. 


Do you know what boundaries actually FEEL like in your body? Do you experience your no and your yes as sacred and guilt free? This is where we will dive into the somatics of boundaries and how VITAL they are to being the best mother and partner that you can possibly be. 


This is where we attend to the physical body. What is your relationship with your physical body? Do you know what you like, long for, desire? Have you done a thorough inventory of your anatomy after birth to know if you have any scars or unresolved trauma? This is where we dive into home care and rituals for sexual health after birth as well as the anatomy of arousal and post birth body.  


Did you know that your sexual desires and fantasies are actually a map into your deeper psyche? In your erotic blueprint lies the answer to many of the deeper questions, longings and unfulfilled needs of your being. We will unpack this and find a way to use this knowledge to bring you into deeper connection with yourself and your partner.  

The Sexy Mama Program is for you if:

☑You are ready to say yes to yourself as an act of deep service to your mothering

☑You are longing for a community of mothers who also value their sexuality as a vibrant and necessary part of their humanity.  

☑You are interested in learning practical and somatic tools to restore the integrity of your boundaries, fall back in love with the unique intelligence of your body and claim your erotic desires. 

☑You are ready to work one-on-one with a Somatic Sex Educator to have the lasting breakthroughs you are looking for around your sexuality.  

☑You are ready to claim eros as an important ingredient to your well being as a mother and as a human being.  



" It took a long time to even voice my need for some support with past sexual trauma and confusion and then longer still to reach out for some help. The anxiety I felt leading up to my sessions with Juliana melted away almost immediately upon meeting her and the time we spent together was deeply healing, illuminating and joyful. She helped me see through some very fundamental parts of my patterning and opened me to releasing some old wounds and welcoming in wellness. I'm grateful for her skill, compassion and presence and hope to work with her more."  


"As a consequence of several surgeries, I had painful scarring and dysfunction in areas that physical therapists avoid. Juliana is a uniquely sensitive and progressive healer who gently and effectively relieved my pain and as a consequence, my anxiety. With complete confidence, I recommend Juliana for anyone who needs her therapeutic services." 




I am a single mom. Is this for me? Absolutely. The tools that you learn around communicating your authentic desires to others can be used in any kind of relationship with friends, your kids, future lovers etc. There is something here for everyone!  

My kids are grown. Is this for me? Yes. Chances are, there is quite a lot of boundary repair and renegotiating that you can do that comes from overriding your needs and desires throughout your mothering journey. There is always more we can do here and moms in particular are conditioned to always put our needs last which can become an unhealthy pattern after time.  

I have a brand new baby. Is this for me? This is the PERFECT time to embark on this kind of journey. To be able to start out on your mothering journey with your needs, boundaries and desires well intact is such an immense gift to be able to give yourself right from the start before the patterning around self-deprivation really takes hold.  

 Are you ready to untangle, reclaim and re-juice your sexuality?  

Let's get on the phone with each other where I an answer any questions you have and support you in feeling out whether this program is the perfect fit for you. Can't wait to hear from you! 

Who is Juliana? 

I am first and foremost a student and ally of the body. I have sharpened and deepened my ability to hold unwavering presence with the body’s stories and wisdom as an herbalist, poet, certified postpartum and birth doula and contact improv dancer.  

As a Somatic Sex Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker I bring presence to the parts of the embodied human experience that are often relegated to the shadows of shame and disconnect. As a doula, I recognize the simple power of presence and permission as each individual is given space to emerge in their own perfection. I believe wholeheartedly in dismantling the taboos and shame that keep humans from having full and unfettered access to their birthright as vibrant sexual beings. When we are happily connected with our sexuality, we are happily connected with ourselves.  

I live in Southern Vermont where I am the mother of two wonderfully wild boys who teach me daily about the importance of presence and the importance of deep self care and wild embodiment. I am dedicated to keeping my own erotic life force fires stoked and feel beyond blessed to have a private practice helping others do the same. You can often find me carrying at least 5 books at all times on topics ranging from trauma theory to Tantra to poetry to neuroscience and everything in between! 

Boldly Embodied is the current home to my work and the synthesis of my life-long apprenticeship to the wise and wild body. I look forward to hearing from you and becoming an ally on your journey to bold embodiment.